About Cucumber Key Photography

An Engineer, A Writer, and a Passion for Sea Cucumbers

It all started in 2001, when Daniel and Jennifer married. When we married, we brought more than an assortment of pots, pans, and linens to our household -- we brought a passion for entrepreneurship.

Daniel is an electrical controls engineer, specializing in design, build, programming, and consulting in a variety of manufacturing settings. He owns Gem City Anvil.

Jennifer is a writer, speaker, and consultant, focusing on higher education, medical, and sustainable living topics. She owns Hilltop Communications (www.hilltopcommunications.net).

Cucumber Key Photography was born during one of our many trips to Key West. While snorkeling out among the minor keys, we observed the quiet beauty of the sea cucumber, a little-known marine animal that seemed to have an enviable life. Who wouldn't like to spend their days in the sandy shallows of the ocean, rocked gently by the waves and warmed by the sun?

Together, we bring our passion for beauty wherever we find it to our photography. Thank you for visiting us!